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EagleQuest was founded in 1994 and was Rochester, Michigan's first local Internet Service Provider (ISP). While EagleQuest continues to service its legacy dialup customers, we now focus on Internet and IP Telephony Consulting Services for small and medium sized business customers. We have over 21 years of Internet Services experience and over 13 years of VOIP and Internet Telephony experience. Call us today at 248-650-4700 for a free phone consultation!

We also have over 21 years of experience providing high quality email services to individuals and corporate customers. Today we continue to offer Business Class Email Services with an emphasis on privacy, security, and reliability. We can host email accounts for your existing domain name, or register a new domain for you if you don't have one yet. Call us today at 248-650-4700 for more information or to sign up!

Corporate Email Accounts, Domain Names, and Other Hosted Services Available!

Did you know that many business experts say that using a "free" email account for your business email cheapens your company's corporate image?

Did you know that "free" email account providers actually scan the content of their customers' private email messages for marketing purposes? Who exactly has access to your confidential business email and what do they do with it?

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