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EagleQuest Refund Policy

Month to Month Services are non-refundable once the month has started. We do NOT offer pro-rated refunds for partial months of service.

If you prepay for more than one month of service and pay the full month to month rate for each and every month of the prepaid period and then cancel service prior to the end of the period you prepaid for, we will refund any unused whole months remaining on your account. Again, we do NOT offer pro-rated refunds for partial months of service.

Sometimes due to promotional discounts or case-by-case agreements we will allow customers to prepay for more than one month of service in advance and receive a discounted rate. If you prepay for more than one month of service and receive a discount because of that prepayment, and then cancel with whole months remaining on your account, we will refund your unused whole months AFTER reducing your refund for the difference in price between your effective discounted monthly rate and the full price monthly rate that you would have paid for month to month service. For example, if the month to month rate was $20 and with a promotional price we allowed you to prepay $200 for 12 months your effective rate with discount would be around $16.67 per month ($200 divided by 12 months). If you then cancel after only 4 months, we would re-calculate your monthly rate for those 4 months of service at the full month to month price of $20 for a total cost of service of $80 ($20 x 4 months). We would then issue a refund of $120 (your original $200 payment minus the $80 for 4 months at full price). Once again as a reminder, we do NOT offer pro-rated refunds for partial months of service.

Prepaid Services that are only offered as a one-year prepay option and have no regular month to month rate option (such as email-forwarding), are non-refundable and are never pro-rated.

Once a service period has ended it is non-refundable.

Partial months are non-refundable.

One-Time Non-Recurring Services, Hourly Fees, and Consulting Fees are non-refundable.

Consumable Services (like long distance usage charges and per-minute billable fees) are non-refundable, even if prepaid in advance and never actually used by the customer.

Hardware & Software Purchases are non-refundable, but may be subject to a written guarantee or warranty that may be offered either by the Manufacturer/Developer or by EagleQuest or both. Ask for details at the time of sale.

Domain Name Registration and/or Renewal fees are non-refundable.

Any service that we specifically advertise as non-refundable on our web site or in any online or printed sales literature, or, any service that is marked in the description as non-refundable or has a footnote designating the service as non-refundable is, of course, non-refundable.

We reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy on an independent case basis for unusual or extenuating circumstances at our sole discretion. If you feel your case warrants investigation and review for the possibility of an ICB refund exception, please contact us and we will take it under consideration. Our decision on whether to make an exception to our policy or not is final and at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to modify or replace this policy at any time without advanced notice. The current policy will always be posted on our web site.